Review of Altmann Attraction DAC:

Hi Charles

The DAC has arrived and is already playing. And what a treat it is!

I guess, there are many things to be said about it, but there is one which trumps all the rest. COHERENCE.

It's just amazing really.

The difference to other DACs I've tried is like between a good movie and all this current 3D bullshit, where you do have the illusion of space but you are always aware that it is just that - an illusion.

Here, you do have all the details, but every single one of them is in its proper place and as a result you get a holographic image but cared in your mind perfectly in accordance with the workings of your mind and therefore your self.

This has to be experienced indeed!

The other thing that happened immediately, I switched off the sub.

At first, because it obviously needed readjusting.

But then I realized I no longer needed it :).

Again, at first, I thought, that was the effect of the overall coherence trumping the need for more bass.

But then I put on the latest album by John Grant - just 16/44.1 and a mixture of acoustics and electronica - and there was MORE BASS, no doubt about it.

Perhaps, this - both the presentation of the detail and bass - has something to do with the fact that before walking out briefly into the other room, I did not realize how loud I was now playing my music.

Once you seat in front of the speakers, you just do not feel any aggression or harshness, no matter what the volume is. ...

Anyway, I could ramble on forever. But what really sums it all up is just one big THANK YOU! :)



This is a review of the Altmann BYOB Amplifier, Attraction DAC, Creation ADC, Altmann Phono Stage, , BYOB Speaker System, Altmann Acoustic Panel, Altmann UPCI (Ultra Precision Clock Injector) or Altmann JISCO (Jitter Scrambling Decorrelator).