Review of Altmann complete system


I remember once being in a remote mountainous area of central Mexico where there is no light pollution.

I mean it's hard to describe a sky on fire like that, blazing with so many more zillions of stars, nebula, galaxies visible to the naked eye.

I'm pretty familiar with the night sky, planetary positions and constellations of that latitude and the northern hemisphere in general but there, it was so filled with stars that I could barely find anything familiar.

Listening to your system is kind of like that.

We were just sitting down and I played a song for a friend, I knew he knew this song but there was so much in it, he didn't even recognize it until well into it when the vocals kicked in.

Huge disbelieving smile.

Best Wishes,

Kingfisher WoodWorks LLC


This is a review of the Altmann BYOB Amplifier, Attraction DAC, Creation ADC, Altmann Phono Stage, , BYOB Speaker System, Altmann Acoustic Panel, Altmann UPCI (Ultra Precision Clock Injector) or Altmann JISCO (Jitter Scrambling Decorrelator).