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Re: The Altman Attraction DAC
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I have auditioned the Benchmark (unmodded) and stock Audio Aero Prima, before taking the plunge with the Altmann Attraction - based substantially on Dick Oshler's glowing review in EnjoytheMusic!

The Altmann Attraction DAC works wonderfully in my system.

The music simply flows with an organic ease and fluidity, and sounds so analog that I sometimes forget if I am still playing from a digital source!

Somehow the 12v DC power from the SLA (Thanks Vinnie for modding the RWA battery enclosure!) works wonders to the DAC and the music.

My journey to find an excellent source has ended with the Altmann Attraction DAC, and my musical adventure has just begun as I hear new things in every familiar piece.

Don't be fooled by its form (looks like an uncompleted DIY Science electronic project to some but a wonderful conversation piece all the same!

Hey Charles, I think the looks are just great to my eyes and I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder! ).

Don't be put off by the price tag! IMHO, it is worth many times more the asking price!

And, Charles is a great and very interesting person to deal with!


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