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07-26-06: Exlibris

I've purchased a DAC that I believe falls in the "Reference" category.

One of the nice things about it is that it comes as a less than "Reference" price ($1,000).

I had been using an EMM Labs DCC2 DAC and CDSD transport.

Since the new DAC only accepts RCA digital cables and my CDSD transport didn't have RCA digital outputs, I ended up borrowing an inexpensive CD player (Synthesis)to use as a transport and an inexpensive digital RCA cable (Cardas 'Lightning') to try out the new DAC in my system.

After about 5 minutes listening, I knew that the EMM Labs gear would be going up for sale.

I couldn't believe how honest and musical the presentation was. This DAC excels at 'time and space.'

You don't have to use your imagination to 'see' the musicians in their space or 'feel' their music fill your room.

Honest, musical, natural, unprocessed, and real are words that come to mind when listening to this DAC.
I can only imagine what will happen when I get a decent transport and digital RCA cable for it.

I no longer have my EMM Labs transport and DAC.

In short, I agree with Dick Olsher in his review "Digital Zen." The Altmann Micro Machines Attraction DAC "has given me the best CD sound I have experienced...cost no object."

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