Review of Altmann Attraction DAC

Hey Charles,

Received the DAC on Friday, it sounded very nice right out of the box; I thought the bass was somewhat fuller and could hear more low level info.

But did I have a surprise by late Sunday…I did not want to go to bed let alone work this morning.

What can I say but absolutely awesome with only 20 or so hours on it.

Another way to look at it is I received 8 new LP’s in the mail on Friday that I have not touched.

Well its time to go home and play some music.

Many thanks Charles.


Hey Charles,

It’s now three weeks today since I have had the attraction dac.

All you need to do is picture me with an ear to ear grin and tapping my foot like crazy.  

I could go may be three days max with my old 24/96 upsampler before I need to relax with vinyl.

I never knew how bad the up sampled sound was as I had not experienced a nos dac before your Attraction.

I may try the 8 new LP’s that have been on a table for the last three weeks.

Many thanks



This is a review of the Altmann BYOB Amplifier, Attraction DAC, Creation ADC, Altmann Phono Stage, , BYOB Speaker System, Altmann Acoustic Panel, Altmann UPCI (Ultra Precision Clock Injector) or Altmann JISCO (Jitter Scrambling Decorrelator).