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September 2006

Hi Dick,

Following your enthusiasm and my personal inquiries of various others on the AMM Attraction DAC, I gave it a shot and ordered one.

My current system comprises of SlimDevices Squeezebox Network Music Player (strongly suggest you take a look at it, I see that Scott Faller is very much enjoying his) driving the DAC, which than feeds into McIntosh MC275 version IV, into Quad 988 Electrostatics.

Analog cabling is Sonoran Plateau series and digital cable is Fadel Art Reference One.

I cannot be happier with the result.

I have listened to and tried many Digital equipment (including Naim, Linn, AudioNote, Electrocompaniet and Musical Fidelity in my system, others elsewhere) and have yet to face such a performer on all regards.

With this DAC in the system, I really find it unnecessary to comment on bass, detail, layering, soundstaging, etc.

All audiophile buzzwords seem to be lost in music and it is just music that is important after all.

I just want to listen more, and unlike some other high end gear, this listening is not the pursuit after detail or "can you hear the guy tapping his feet" or anything else.

It is just how beautiful the music flows as a whole.

Thanks for bringing this wonderful product to my attention.


Kunter Kutluay 


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