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Re: The Altman Attraction DAC
« Reply #44 on: October 25, 2006, 09:18:22 pm »

Like Dennis [denjo] I took a leap of faith when purching the Altmann DAC, and now it's here I have no regret whatsoever. 

In fact, I consider it the most musical component I ever encountered since I learned how to love the audio. 

Although I have not purchased the BYOB amplifier yet, I can say with confidence that the amp, like its DAC brother, will be a killer amp in terms of musicality.

So how does the DAC sound? 

In short, I would be repeating what Dick Olsher and other [happy] users have said. 

My personal impressions are as following:

- I like singing a lot and had some voice training so naturaly I am very critical with vocal performance of a component. 

This DAC lets me hear different parts of a muiti voice songs more easily and pleasantly.  A low distortion design and clean yet strong power supply must be the contributors for that.

- Fast transient:  just like Mr. Olsher said.  It's a real pleasure to hear Dean Peer's electric bass cruising up and down the fretboard, pluck instruments, Gladiator soundtracks. 

Violins, cellos, piano, those hard to reproduce instruments just flow out from speakers like music should sound like. 

The same can be said about bassoon, clarinet, etc., and I am talking about ordinary CDs that have been long ignored because I thought they were inferior sonically. 

Time to revisit ALL OF THEM!

- Details (related to fast transient):  Nicely presented, subtle but a champ anyway. 

I agree with Dick when he said it's like a microscope into recordings. 

And what a musical device it is.


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