Review of Altmann Attraction DAC:

Hallo Charles,

So let me tell you this. I am at 63 certainly not the youngest of your customers, but I might say a rather experienced one. Having played the piano and attended concerts for as long as I can remember I love music as the ultimate expression of life. For fifty years I collected recordings on LP’s and later on cd. Sold most LP’s twenty years ago (stupid). Not satisfied with the sound I once built a few loudspeakers and an amplifier

of Jean Hiraga design (with description in French, horror). When finished I connected my proud achievement. It went up in smoke. With help I could repair it and it worked for many years (of course I still have it). Being retired now I am searching for the meaning of music, reading scores, listening a lot and sharing my findings with other music lovers. I do some little writing about music and musicians mostly as a preparation for our musical events.From the beginning I found cd reproduction lifeless, sterile and in fact anti-musical.

One day I stumbled upon your website and reading it I had some hilarious moments. I thought this man is quite a character. This is real original thinking and I was (am) impressed. This man must be an inventer, constantly thinking back and forward, back and forward and writing with humor. That is what I like. Would this mr. Altmann design all these things just for the fun of it? Probably. But that would not be the only goal. If he goes to such length to design an extraordinary amplifier and DAC this will also serve as a means to another end. And what other end could there be than music? That gives me a certain affinity with your achievements.

Charles, what your DAC really achieves is hearing music in all its richness,depth,inner voices and layerings and as fresh as a mountain stream. Am I cool enough?



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