Review of Altmann Attraction DAC:

Hi Charles

I purchased your Attraction dac back in October last year and would like to thank you for the state I am in ......the state of peace of mind.

I wont go into how great it sounds other people have done it more eloquently than I can just to say that I listen to music now and yes it sounds right I dont need this over sized over priced crap I have sitting in my listening room.

I have pse mono blocks with 8 6550s per side yes 16 of them!.

Dont know how I put up with them during summer it reaches mid 40s C here.

I would now like to take the plunge and order your BYOB amp.

I just have to keep telling myself 10 watts are enough.Fortunatly I have been using some 104 db speakers I made for myself with your DAC so all should be well .

Details below


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