Review of Altmann Attraction DAC

Hi Charles,

After an agonizing 2 weeks wait, the DAC has arrived
;-) It's exactly 10 working days like you said.

The package was a bit crumped so I was somewhat
concerned but upon opening it there was another
smaller box which contained the DAC. Everything made
it safely and in great condition.

Now on to the sound, it is the best DAC that I have
ever owned or heard and I have heard some of the ultra
expensive DACs such as (Mark Levinson, DCS, Museatex,
Goldmund) but the Almann Attraction is the best.

The sound is just amazing, bass must be an octave
lower than my previous DAC (museatex idat/m), depth is
wider and everything is much more focused. The
dynamics caught me off guard as acoustic bass and
drums sound like the real thing. Rhythm is also much
better as I could not keep from tapping my feet while
listening. ;)

I also compared this DAC to an Audio Note 1.1x which
is also another NOS (nonoversampling) DAC but the
Audio Note seems to have a lot less resolution, less
dynamic and rolled off at the top.

What can I say, I'm blown away. Thank you Charles for
making this absolutely awesome DAC. I don't know how
you do it but I knew that you were on to something
from reading your articles.

Quick question: what is the output voltage and
impedance of this DAC? it seems to match well with my
passive transformer preamp but I just like to know the
output voltage and impedance.


PS: I might order another one soon for a friend. I
will let you know.


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