Review of Altmann Attraction DAC

Charles the dac is fabulous ..

Listening to Frank Zappa, Wakki Jawakki ..a very complex disc many sounds,

so much noise before now,,

so much interplay now so much texture now it all makes sense now,

what was senseless rackett is now just music, it was always so but was not to be heard.

Great amount of meat on all the players voices and instruments alike much more ..and texture more easily followed.

I have always been one to seek out the greatest soundstage size...well the stage is even larger now but with no ghosts just real players and real instruments...

The air is thick with music and there is more AIR... everywhere is Air and all in correct phase...

Thanks for building this product..


Tom DeVuono
Audio Video by Design
8413 Lacevine Place
Louisville, KY 40220
(502) 418-9752


This is a review of the Altmann BYOB Amplifier, Attraction DAC, Creation ADC, Altmann Phono Stage, , BYOB Speaker System, Altmann Acoustic Panel, Altmann UPCI (Ultra Precision Clock Injector) or Altmann JISCO (Jitter Scrambling Decorrelator). Other products by ALTMANN MICRO MACHINES.