Review of Altmann BYOB Speaker System:

Wow Charles, talk about an upgrade!! :)

The BYOB speaker system has been playing for a couple of weeks now in my home and i am so very happy with the 3D sound i'm getting from my fully Altmannized audio system :)

my previous speakers were quite good but these speakers blow them away, i guess i never heard 'natural sound' without distortion.

Thanks again Charles, i'll be making some more publicity for you and your products. Have a nice holiday :)

Tom Schoors

Hi Charles,

i'm sending you a pic of the BYOB speaker system next to the T+A speakers they are replacing. I will sell the T+A's to the highest bidder :)


This is a review of the Altmann BYOB Amplifier, Attraction DAC, Creation ADC, Altmann Phono Stage, , BYOB Speaker System, Altmann Acoustic Panel, Altmann UPCI (Ultra Precision Clock Injector) or Altmann JISCO (Jitter Scrambling Decorrelator).